Prof. Dr. Bipin Bihari Swaroopa

One of the greatest scientist ever, Sir Albert Eienstin said :

Everything is energy.

Everything in life is vibration.

Everything is made up of vibration.

There is nothing in the universe which does not vibrate. Every single atom, molecule, each bond between atoms, all the particles in the universe, our body, earth, all stars, galaxies and even the whole universe are all in constant Vibration. They all are vibrating at certain frequency. Sound is also vibration and so are our thoughts and emotions. The string theory also says - Everything in the universe is made up of extremely small one dimentional vibrating objects known as strings. It is the vibrational state of the string which is responsible for mass, charge and other properties of the matter. These strings are the smallest thing in the universe. As all these things are made up of these tiny vibrating strings, it means everything present in the universe vibrates at some frequency. According to the greatest genius of all the time Nikola Tesla “If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Do you know that the whole universe vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz and our own planet earth vibrates at the frequency of 7.83 Hz. 7.83 Hz is the nature of frequency of the earth called as schumann resonance. The nature of frequency of the earth protects all living things on the earth. You might have observed, how our mood changes according to the type of music we listen.


We may feel happiness, sadness, energetic or different type of emotions depending on the song or music. You might not know that there are certain frequencies that can change our feelings, moods and even physical health. For example, it you hear a low frequency of around 19 Hz then you will start to feel fear.

In the same way, you will feel relaxed and calm in the presence of 432 Hz frequency.

Our human body vibrates at a natural frequency of 7.5 Hz, which is quite close to the natural frequency of the earth. Do you know that there is a specific frequency associated with a particular emotion?

What is the emotion? Emotion is simply E + motion, which means energy in motion. Here you can see a chart that shows the frequencies of different emotions. Higher frequencies means higher vibrations. Which corresponds to higher energy state.

In the chart you can see that good emotions have higher frequencies. While bad emotions have lower frequencies. In the state of Enlightement, the frequency is the highest which is more than 700 Hz. And the emotion of shame corresponds to the lowest energy which is equal to only 20 Hz.

At the highest levels of frequencies like 700 Hz or more, our mind enters into the state of Superconsciousness.

Superconsciousness is a blissful state of Self realization. This egoless state is beyond the conscious and subconscious state of mind.

It’s not philosophical, the science of our body says it, which can be seen in this chart of frequencies of emotions. As now we know everything in life is vebration even our mental state and emotion. Therefore what type of person you are, your personality, your nature and behaviour also depends on types of frequencies that predominate your brain.

Raise your energy, frequency and vibration in order to migrate towards the fifth Dimension which is vibrating at a much higher frequency of joy, love and peace.

You have the power to change your life by changing your frequency and changing your vibration. You are energy and there is nothing more to it. Our separation from each other is an optical illusion.

Time does not exist. We invented it. Time is what the clock says. The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

About the writer : Professor Dr. Bipin Bihari Swaroopa is the University professor of Chemistry (Retired). He has a deep interest in spirituality. This is the reason that the priceless nectarine that he obtained by churning from the ocean of the spitiruality in the last 40 years, has now come to you in the form of a book. After ‘Atma Gyan’, ‘Ishwar Darshan Kaise’  and ‘Mrityu, Parlok aur Punarjanma’ (All in Hindi), this is his fourth book.

In 1980 Professor Bipin Bihari Swaroopa was awarded Ph.D., in Chemistry by Patna University under the guidance of international renowned Professor of Patna University, Dr. J.N. Chatterjee D.Sc., F.N.A. Dr. Swaroopa’s research papers have been published in top journals of India, Germany and America. He synthesized more than hundred new organic compounds. Some of his compounds were found to be biological active. One of his compounds (Alkaloid of Harman series) was reported to be useful as a drug for central nervous system with no side effect. Some of his researches have been included by UGC Delhi in the syllabus of M.Sc.

Apart from chemistry, even in the field of spirituality he memorizes the entire Bhagwadgita and the divine Sahasranama and recites it every day in the early morning 3 am to 6 am (Brahmamuhurta). His all the four books will prove to be a milestone in the world of spirituality, it is my complete belief. Along with this, it can also help you in building a clean society.

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